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On the move!

Folk lyrics website is now fully installed in it's new home. There will be some alterations to things like layout but this time the page names won't change. Also as it is now 'in bed' with my other main site, I should get more edits and additions done - Dave


Thirty years ago, there was a reasonable interest in English Folk Music. More recently this has not been so true, although there is still a huge following within the Folk genre. Starting off as a list of songs I had put together whilst at the University of Aston In Birmingham, I added songs that I had sung in the Meadow Folk Club in Telford and bound them into a little book for my own use.

It seemed a shame to lose some of these songs into history - a search on the internet resulted in very few of them, so I decieded to make up this web site and publish them myself.

It must be noted that although my earlier leanings were towards a strict concept of what is meant to be Folk Music, I am now far more liberal in my interpretation and hence within these pages may be found songs from other genres and written relatively recently. I hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes regarding copyright. If there is a problem, contact me using the Contact Me? link to the left.

After I did this the first time, I was contacted by the publishers of Songs From Hazzards Huzzah in Portsmouth, who offered me their collection to add to the site, which I am still in the process of doing.

This is a web 2.0 / Wiki website. (Please don't abuse it - see our Acceptable Use Policy)

Have fun